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Release File Naming

Release Sequence

  • First release is Beta.
  • If subsequence Beta is needed, release Beta-2, Beta-3, ...
  • Official Stable Release
  • If patch is needed then the first patch is Patch-1 and the subsequence patches are Patch-2, Patch-3, ...

Binary (Windows Installer)

Formal Representations File Names
StarUML 5.0 Beta with Core Modules StarUML-5.0b-with-cm.exe
StarUML 5.0 Beta-2 with Core Modules StarUML-5.0b2-with-cm.exe
StarUML 5.0 with Core Modules StarUML-5.0-with-cm.exe
StarUML 5.0 Patch-1 with Core Modules StarUML-5.0p1-with-cm.exe
StarUML 5.0 Patch-2 with Core Modules StarUML-5.0p2-with-cm.exe
StarUML 5.0 Beta Platform StarUML-5.0b-platform.exe
StarUML 5.0 Beta-2 Platform StarUML-5.0b2-platform.exe
StarUML 5.0 Platform StarUML-5.0-platform.exe
StarUML 5.0 Patch-1 Platform StarUML-5.0p1-platform.exe
StarUML 5.0 Patch-2 Platform StarUML-5.0p2-platform.exe

Release Notes

Formal Representations File Names CVS tag names
Release Notes (StarUML 5.0 Beta Platform) ReleaseNotes-StarUML-5.0b.html staruml-v5_0-beta
Release Notes (StarUML 5.0 Beta-2 Platform) ReleaseNotes-StarUML-5.0b2.html staruml-v5_0-beta-2
Release Notes (StarUML 5.0 Platform) ReleaseNotes-StarUML-5.0.html staruml-v5_0
Release Notes (StarUML 5.0 Patch-1 Platform) ReleaseNotes-StarUML-5.0p1.html staruml-v5_0-patch-1
Release Notes (StarUML 5.0 Patch-2 Platform) ReleaseNotes-StarUML-5.0p2.html staruml-v5_0-patch-2

Source Archive

Formal Representations File Names
Source (StarUML 5.0 Beta Platform) StarUML-5.0b-src.zip
Source (StarUML 5.0 Beta-2 Platform) StarUML-5.0b2-src.zip
Source (StarUML 5.0 Platform) StarUML-5.0-src.zip
Source (StarUML 5.0 Patch-1 Platform) StarUML-5.0p1-src.zip
Source (StarUML 5.0 Patch-2 Platform) StarUML-5.0p2-src.zip