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Release Process

  1. Finalize Development
  2. Release Ready
  3. Release Test
  4. Release Approval
  5. Release

1. Finalize Development

  1. Finalize development of all planned features and bugs.
  2. Prepare final Runtime Image

2. Release Ready

  1. Prepare Release Note.
  2. Prepare Installer for each platform.
  3. Prepare Announcement Text.
  4. Notify the location of the Installer to all developers (dev@staruml.tigris.org)

3. Release Test

  1. Release Manager should test whether all Features and Bugs, described in Release Note, are included in the Installer.
  2. Write Release Test Result Sheet.

4. Release Approval

  1. Send e-mail for Release Approval to project maintainer (niklaus.lee@gmail.com) and all developers (dev@staruml.tigris.org) with following information and attachments:

    - Location of Installer, Documentations
    - Release Note (attach)
    - Announcement Full Text (attach)
    - Release Test Result Sheet (attach)
  2. The maintainer should check all about the release information and send Approvement e-mail to Release Manager.

5. Do Release

  1. Release Manager uploads Installer, Documentations, Source Archive, and Release Note.
  2. Test all downloads and links
  3. Make announcements (announce@staruml.tigris.org and Announcements board of www.staruml.com)